Days after the games

One summer I went to South America, specifically in Argentina to witness the fight between Brazil and Paraguay in the Pan American games, which almost got cancelled because of an emergency report I have to make at the office after I wrapped up everything on time. Not to mention that the crowd was really on heightened emotions, the game was really exciting and full of energy. It was all worthwhile and I would never forget such wonderful experience because I met other fans and the memorabilia I got. I took the opportunity of exploring the venue of the game, days after the game and I discovered there were a lot of stalls selling various shirts of different participating countries in the football game, which were really awesome and cool. Selling vintage shirts, one of the kiosks there with a sign camisetas de futbol, which are also a wonderful alternative from the usual brightly colored and shiny collared futbol apparel, which many soccer fans are familiar with. The patriotic shirts are another popular type of camiseta de futbol which were emblematic of a country’s flag or which designs incorporate the symbols of their flag on their shirt, and the most striking were those from Brazil, Argentina and USA. There were also cool Dad and Mom camisetas de futbol, which patronizes parents who are great fanatic of this game. It was really incredible and with its funny designs, it’s no wonder it makes people laugh upon seeing the statements and caricatures on the shirt. Priority soccer shirts have become a great hit lately, that many stalls there offered customizable types. These humorous soccer t-shirts are all about setting your priorities correct by considering soccer to be on top of the list ahead of eating, sleeping, and other stuffs in people’s lives.