All of a sudden life gave me a sudden surprising twist

It came to a point that life gave me a sudden surprising twist and I see it happening to everyone else around me thus I never seriously thought will affect and truly happen to me. Then light lightning in a split second we all lost our jobs and what brought our company down was not the lack of people buying our products but the management not handling the finances and human resources well. My wife who has been talking to me endlessly about doing business on the side thus brought up the topic again about the income and benefits these vending machines can generate in the long run. This time I am more proactive about the idea as we started to search the internet to learn more about vending machines and how to run it successfully. I came across several websites but I was not quiet convinced really because all these other sites ever do is to hard sell their product right away. We were browsing the web the whole night when this particular site captured my attention especially with the very detailed homepage they have laid out in a very interactive way. They truly offered convenience aside from quality products for they have a feature that can make me compare offers of the top vending machine retailers online including them without the need to call any sales people. I want to invest on this kind of business after thoroughly considering the features, package, freebies, customer service and the fact being the only company that has not been filed a lawsuit totally convinced me. To top it off they offer on having their vending machine through a loan which is very helpful and practical for recently jobless and cash strapped individuals like me.