There was also once wherein I met someone at the mall

I suggest that you meet other people so you may increase the possibility of gaining lots of friends and this will of course be of your advantage since you are able to increase your connections if you know how to meet people. It’s understandable that meeting other people is easier than making friends since friendship needs trust while meeting people, you can just exchange hi’s or hello’s. I also sit beside my new classmates and sign up to different classroom activities in college so that I will have tons of chances to meet other people. I have a good friend who I met at the mall once and at first we were just talking about the old lady who fell down the stairs. It is important to meet other people so you will get lots of new friends who could possibly help you in the future and not just those same people you see everyday. I met other people far away from me through online gaming, chatting and other online applications but not personally. At my daughter’s school I met new people by talking to parents at the play ground and also before and after classes. If you want to meet other interesting people I suggest you join a sorority because you will be introduced to a lot of other members and also with their friends. You have greater chances to excel in life by meeting other people since there are some that will help you get a job and there are also other that will introduce you to someone that will help you earn a living.