By adding a facebook cover on your profile you

facebook cover is a new feature with the latest facebook upgrade which is called the “Timeline” and is used by lots of users to show their symbol or brand that describes them as a person. You may use attractive pictures or colors that would also encourage other users to read your posts or even upgrade their account to Timeline and create your cover photo on Facebook. Facebook covers allow you to tell others a story of your life and choose a photo that symbolizes you as a person and also its importance. I also upgraded my account to the latest feature which is the timeline and I added a cover which is a photo of my kids since they symbolize my wealth and happiness. I also change my facebook cover depending on my mood and if I want to express my feelings or emotion which shows whether I am happy or sad. I also looked at other facebook cover which advertises shows or events there are even some that shows yearly celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries. Facebook covers also help those individuals or other companies who use the site to promote or sell their products by adding a logo of their company or brand name so they attract other users. I checked on my friend’s facebook cover and it shows a picture of her on a beach because she loves swimming and it symbolizes her love for outdoors. On your facebook cover try adding pictures that may tell story about you, your life and your memories and share it to your friends so they may also know more about you. The importance of it is simply beautifying your profile by adding pictures or colorful designs and also sharing to other people a story or things that symbolizes you as a person.