It seems like designing a house that has limited space

With just limited space for the rv parts and accessories to fit in a recreation vehicle, I find interior designing a recreation vehicle challenging because there is only small amount of space. These parts and accessories are way cheaper than the regular version of these stuffs found in homes and it is easy to move these things around because their physical size are typically small. Installing the things that needs to be in a recreational vehicle must have less error in terms of measurement and fitting since these types of vehicles have limited space and installation for these stuffs are also hard. A recreational vehicle mimics the atmosphere and nature of a typical home or apartment and these vehicles are perfect for groups or families who want to travel a lot since anything from a home can be placed in this vehicle. A lot of people prefer to stay in a recreational vehicle rather than a hotel or apartment because this type of accommodation can give them the privacy they want since these vehicles have their own entrance doors. Many of my friends like to stay in our recreational vehicle because they want to travel with an atmosphere and nature similar to their home where only recreational vehicles can give. As the time passes by, I want to make our recreational vehicle look different so I sometimes buy parts and accessories for it. I am always planning buying accessories and furnishings for our recreational vehicle because I want to make it look like a regular home.