I buy new costumes for them but most of the time

There are times that I recycle the fancy costumes of my kids for certain events such as Halloween so that I can save money but there are also times where I buy cheap costumes in department stores so that my kids can try something new. I always look for fancy costumes for my kids because I have read in the internet that putting kids into character makes their childhood lives more exciting and colorful as they will be tested and act in various cartoon characters. When I let my kids various events such as Halloween parties, children’s parties, and some other events, I buy new costumes for them but most of the time, and I just dress them up using the old fancy costumes we have. I saw my neighbor a long time ago that she buys costumes for her kids in almost every event and during Halloween, they buy costumes that are very outrageous so I decided to follow their lead and buy costumes for certain events. There are times that I do not buy certain costumes because the old costumes will still work and fit for them and this also allows me to save tons of money as these costumes are a little bit expensive. Parents should let their kids wear costumes once in a while because these costumes have their own character in which the kid must follow. There are videos in the internet that teaches parents how to create a fancy costume for their kids but the finished product of these tutorials are not that satisfactory. I highly recommend to parents to let their kids wear fancy costumes on various events such as Halloween because this can make kids remember a lot of things during their childhood and probably early adult years.