Especially during the summer season

I noticed these days that female celebrities who have big eyes are getting all the raves, not only from fashion columnists but internet users who take the time to comment on what they like. Compared to previous trends of encompassing the whole eye with dark liner, we now see brighter colors opening the eyes up and very minimal makeup on the lower eye lids. The resulting look is both fun and refreshing, and even looks good enough for red carpet events at nighttime as attested by pictures taken in recent weeks. I’ve seen many celebrities appear in less makeup during the day, and I hope it becomes a trend that will get picked up by many young people. Summer will soon be here anyway and it’s always better to look fresh and young than hot and sticky during summer outings. I would say my own summer look is laid back, maybe even lazy, but on hot days I avoid putting on any makeup aside from moisturizer and sunscreen for my face. Getting some tan while out shopping or doing some errands is also a great benefit, so I make sure to wear light clothing or sun dresses to get the most out of the day and still be decently attired. Some of my friends tell me they feel naked without makeup on, but I can leave the house at night with just a bit of mascara and some lip gloss and feel all glam already. I’ve always just been wary about putting products on my face and feel that I enjoy the summer season more if I don’t have to worry about my face all the time.