I have a lot of friends who are web developers

There are many tutorials about how to create website and a lot of the readers of these kinds of tutorials are not IT or web people but these tutorials are easy to follows and can be understood by almost everyone. It is norms nowadays that people create websites for companies or personal use and nowadays, it is easy to create one because there are hundreds of tutorials about website development in the internet and most of these tutorials are easy to follow. Before, I was creating websites but most of the tutorials that I follow are hard to follow that is why I asked some of my friends about tutorials that are easy to follow. Luckily, I have a lot of friends who are web developers and they suggested me many websites about web development tutorials and most of the tutorials that they have suggested to me are easy to follow. I am still using many tutorials whenever I create websites of blogs because I do not want to rely on what I have learned as web development always improves and scales up as months and years passes by. People who are interested in web development should read these types of tutorials because creating website using tutorials in the internet is just an easy task or project. Aside from textual tutorials, there are also video tutorials that can be used in the internet and these video tutorials are much easier to follow and understand as most of these videos show the problems that can be possibly encountered in developing websites. I highly recommend people who are just starting to learn how to create or develop websites to watch video tutorials first before trying advanced website or blog creation tutorials so that they will find this task easy.