Different happenings in life usually happen

During winter time, we often experience trees shedding off their leaves and most the vegetation around the house have died and all the surroundings are covered with snow. Winter is not my favorite time of the year and I usually just stay indoors since I cannot stand the extreme cold weather outside the house where I feel that it bites my skin. My hobby of gardening is always put on hold every time winter comes and I just place artificial plants and trees to keep my eyes busy with the plants that I am fond of. The artificial plants that I have bought for our house included artificial silk trees, artificial maple trees, and artificial pine trees and I usually place these trees inside our spacious living room. Plants really make me calm and happy and I enjoy taking care of them and so when the time comes for winter, I still enjoy looking at my collection of artificial trees and plants. The best season of the year that I am so fond of is spring because this is the time of the year that all the surroundings have begun to have life and everything is just so alive. The different seasons remind me that life is always changing and you need to always adjust to the different happenings that you have in life. Life is very dynamic and one must always be ready to accept change and one must learn to quickly adapt to different situations and experiences. The weather teaches us lessons on life that nothing is constant in life and you really have to make sure that you are strong enough to be able to ride with the music that life plays. Life is a fun ride and one must really enjoy the ride and learn to stop worrying too much about things and always remember that life must be enjoyed.